Fellow tyers,

Now that you have had an opportunity to see and hopefully purchase some fly tying accessories from Bench Buddys I would like your input on the products as a way to help me tweak the design and utility of each and every one of them.  Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire and return it to the website’s email address.  Thanks a ton.

1. Which items do you find the most useful for your fly tying, check two items:

  • A) Flat style tool caddy ____
  • B) Vertical tool caddy ____
  • C) Solid Block bobbin holder ____
  • D) Fretboard bobbin holder ____
  • E) Something Else ________________

2.Do the tool caddys have enough holes of the proper sizes to meet your needs?

  • A) Sure ____
  • B) Nope ____

3.What is the optimum capacity for the bobbin holders?

  • A) Two ____
  • B) Three ____
  • C) Four ____
  • D) How many ____

4.If you had your choice of a fishing partner for one day on the Big Horn River in Montana who would you choose?

  1. David James Duncan ____
  2. Martin Joergensen ____
  3. Randall Kaufmann ____
  4. Slats Grobnik ____

5.When it comes to spool racks for thread, tinsel, wire et cetera what spool capacity do you like the most?

  • A) Eight ____
  • B) Ten ____
  • C) Twelve ____
  • D) How many ____

6.What materials do you struggle with the most to organize/store? Check as many as you like.

  • A) Hooks ____
  • B) Beads ____
  • C) Spools ____
  • D) Tools ____
  • E) Head Cements (varnish, glue etc.) ____
  • F) Chenille(s) (carded) ____
  • Feathers ____

              a) Rooster Neck ___,  b) Bugger Pack ___, c) Hen Cape ___, d)¼ Saddle ___

  • H) All Other Stuff ______________ , _____________ , ____________


7.What don’t you see on my website that would be useful for you?  Take a minute to comment.  Your input will help me in going forward, thank you.