Well folks, this is a new feature of the Benchbuddys website that I am really jazzed about. This inaugural edition comes to y’all courtesy of Kevin Erickson, a fellow Oregonian who resides in Beaverton. I encountered Kevin quite innocently a few years back by responding to an ad that he ran on the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers’ website. At the time, he was looking for someone to build a thread spool rack for his fly tying “hobby”. I had no idea where this would lead me. Kevin’s flies of course will be posing on display stands crafted by me. Kevin is the author “Feather Craft, the Amazing Birds and Feathers Used in Classic Salmon Flies”. Published in 2017 by Stackpole this tome is a comprehensive examination of the fly tyers art that brought us the Jacque Scott, the Lady Amhurst, and of course Nelly Bly and additional patterns Kevin created expressly for the book (and fish).

Kevin’s 250 page tutorial , replete with his own photos, is only surpassed by his thoughtful treatise on the conservation of the wonderful creatures that make Atlantic Salmon flies even possible. Having gotten a tantalizing introduction to Kevin’s world via “The Feather Thief” by Kirk W. Johnson a few short years ago I was ready for something to fill the void in my consciousness left by the harrowing tale that Johnson related. “Feather Craft” was just the thing. I am not suggesting that they are companion pieces by any means but, the way my mind works, there sure is some linkage going on.

Kevin’s accomplishments with Atlantic Salmon flies do not sum up his skill, knowledge or experience with fly tying and fly fishing here in Oregon and literally around the world. Oh no, not even close.
Call it ‘mainstream’ tying and fishing if you like, he has done it in one form or another for nigh over 40 years. He worked as a full time professional in several noted fly shops including Kaufmann’s Streamborn, Inc. for over 15 years advising and booking anglers and groups on their dream flyfishing trips, teaching the art of casting and every type of fly tying to countless numbers of students and hosting angling adventures around the world including Christmas Island, Belize, Marshall Islands, the Yucatan and many other bucket-list destinations. It is my honor and privilege to have Kevin grace the Benchbuddys website.

Now retired he enjoys tying and fishing on the many great waters near and far from home. He will still offer limited private and small group classes on request. Contact him via email at [email protected] and for more about his book go to www.modernclassicsflytying.com