Players designed a reliable and you will a lot of time-identity connection with the brand new frog, that’s an everyday parasocial relationship

The newest partial-prepared interviews definition provided three head pieces: earliest pointers, the fresh inspiration getting and you may exposure to to relax and play Take a trip Frog, and personal life condition and interpersonal matchmaking. Inside earliest information region, personal information as well as many years, work, city of residence, electronic online game tastes and you will video game-playing background is amassed. In the 2nd region, interviewees responded concerns such as for example “How do you find out more about this game?”, “As to why do you get involved in it?”, “Exactly what do you consider the frog about game?”, “Did you ever before find it as your pets/friend/partner/boy?”, “Why otherwise you will want to?”, and you may “Have you missed they?” The third the main interviews is according to interviewees’ answers in the previous region to ask to their genuine-lives state. Particularly, if your interviewee said Travelling Frog produced them feel relaxed, we possibly may query whether or not the guy/she thought troubled in reality therefore the source of pressure. If they stated they liked the life-style of the frog within the the following part, we could possibly have them consider its latest lifestyle and you can identify the top lifestyle, an such like. The specific interviews is according to the interviewees’ responses, together with interviewer continued inquiring questions to inquire much deeper towards the interviewees’ responses.


With respect to the interviews materials, we learned that most interviewees first downloaded new software and you seeking arrangement giriÅŸ can began to experience to pursue a personal pattern and express a familiar expertise in family relations. It failed to value the fresh new frog regarding online game as a good kid at first, however, involved take action throughout the years as they starred the brand new video game. After repeated encounters toward frog, interviewees stated that they respected and you may enjoyed the fresh new frog’s represented lifestyle, and exactly how it did actually interact with users. The emotional engagement and you will comprehension of this new frog failed to arise throughout the certain interaction about game but, alternatively, this new translation and you can creative imagination of your own professionals. Additionally, the new players’ thinking on and you can opinions of the frog just weren’t restricted to the new Travel Frog game, but lengthened your outside of the online game. It projected their expectations of lifestyle easily on their relationship with the new frog, and you may wanted to has similar dating the help of its moms and dads otherwise students, enabling the players to consider the latest frog because their man. I train one or two reason members viewed the fresh new frog because their child: in order to venture new vow out-of way of life easily and to express its assumption of an ideal moms and dad-guy matchmaking.

Projecting the fresh Guarantee from Life style Easily

Just like the change of your own field system into the China, young people keeps faced alot more specific risks, nevertheless the government hasn’t followed a complete hobbies system and societal security system to support personal creativity. The person need trust themselves or herself.

On the introduction of monetary rationality, the fresh updates and you can function of possessions provides drastically improved, and you can assets ownership might one of the most key elements a good lifetime (Wu, 2016). The part of your own monetary basis in marriage is much more obvious both in outlying and you will towns. The fiance rate for the outlying parts try broadening annual. During the urban areas, prospective couples are essential for a car or truck and you can property just before ). Furthermore, for the majority of young people who are not regional population within the a good urban area, if they have to get local metropolitan hukou, which provides access to public functions and you will public hobbies, he is necessary to pick a house (Lui, 2017; Nie XING, 2011). Large pricing force these individuals be effective tough and you will accept overtime work to look after work stability when confronted with jobless and you will brutal battle (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, Hou, 2019). However, young people data hard otherwise works overtime just on account of the cost off way of living and you can invention will cost you, but also for their requirement on their own.