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As a devoted fly fisherman I naturally morphed into the practice of tying my own flies. This is a somewhat peculiar hobby. For many it starts out pretty simple, a shoebox full of some roadkill fur and feathers, some thread, a few hooks and a vise. But, before you know it you’re trying to explain to your wife why you need to build an addition on the house. There are worse things I suppose. I’m not manic about neatness and organization but there came a time when I needed to clean up my act and so I started making accessories for my tying bench that would improve my efficiency and generally tidy up my little corner of the world.

A few friends remarked that these items just might be of interest to others sharing the same dilemma and so I am now offering them to anyone interested in improving their game and doing so with a bit of flair, elan or just out of plain necessity. Like flyfishing, woodworking has been a personal interest of mine for quite some time, borne mostly out of a reverence for wood. Finally, the two interests met and “Voilà” Bench Buddys was conceived.

So fellow fly tyers, have a look, check things out, and if you see something you like please let me know and if you want to purchase it we can make that happen. I have tried to offer a range of items such as tool caddies (a basic necessity), bobbin holders (another staple), fly display stands, a few tying tools and storage devices for spools of thread, wire and tinsel. All of these items in a variety of woods selected for their beauty, suitability and availability. I hope you enjoy the website.

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