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Two people fly fishing in a river.

Kevin Erickson

Fly Fisher/Fly Tier/Author

Kevin W. Erickson is a hopeless flyfishing junkie for life. From his first job working at the Greased Line Fly Shoppe in Vancouver, Washington in the ’80’s, then Kaufmann’s Streamborn, Inc for over 15 years, to the present he has traveled the world fishing extensively in both fresh and saltwater, and taught literally thousands of people how to cast, fish, and tie flies.

Kevin’s Website:

Colorful salmon fly fishing lures on a book cover.
Man fly fishing in rain with vintage rod.

Bucky Buchstaber

Founder and Executive Director of Fly Fishing Collaborative

In 2013, Bucky’s passions were realized as his love for kids, creative ingenuity, and entrepreneurship were combined to found Fly Fishing Collaborative (FFC). Through his leadership he has inspired FFC to flourish into an international non-profit building environmentally safe and sustainable aquaponics farms for orphanages and schools preventing kids from entering human trafficking. This has been accomplished by establishing a global network of partners in fly fishing and beyond who use their passions to give financially and through works of volunteer labor. Partners of FFC include Adventure Sun Valley, Teton Valley Lodge, Little Creek Outfitters, a number of Simms and Patagonia ambassadors, and hundreds of fly shops, fly tiers and expert guides.

Bucky’s Instagram:

Bucky’s website:

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