Bench Buddies

Shipping and Returns


As a rule I will ship everything using USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes for standard Ground Delivery.  As an exception to this rule I will do whatever is necessary to get the darn thing in a box of some sort and on its way by the most economical means and as quickly as possible.  If there is some sort of glitch in the shipping I will contact the purchaser and advise him/her of same before sending it.

In most cases I have noted the size of flat rate box your item will require and the current USPS shipping rate for that particular size box under the description tab.  I probably missed a few but don’t sweat it.  I will endeavor to get the best rate possible for you.   FYI the current USPS rates are as follows;  Small Flat Rate Box $10.20, Medium Flat Rate Box $17.10 and  Large Flat Rate Box $22.80.  Note – USPS rates change frequently (that means they increase) and Benchbuddys will endeavor to keep the advertised rates current so you know what to expect to pay for postage for your purchases.

It is BenchBuddys intent to provide purchasers with exactly what they are looking for in a tying accessory. If. for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it for repair, replacement or a refund, no questions asked within 30 days of purchase. But, your input will help to improve our products going forward. Constructive criticism is always welcome and can be the basis for refining the design, construction and performance of our

Take the following steps if you decide to return an item:

1) Notify BenchBuddys by email stating the reason for the return,
2) Determine whether you want the item replaced, repaired or simply returned
3) If returned, stipulate how you would like to be re-compensated
a. Credit (in-store)
b. Refund (to credit card)
4) Buyer to pay for return postage. Buyer will be credited the cost of return postage against a future purchase from BenchBuddys,

–  Even exchange (returned item for a new item)
– Cash refund
– Refund on credit/debit card used for purchase
– Store credit